The Elgin Marbles Controversy

In January 2002 the Director of the British Museum, Dr Robert Anderson said that the Elgin Marbles were never going back to Athens.

Physicists are taught to "find the assumption" . . . so words like "never" and "surely" are words which raise the ears of the scientific community. Surely the best place for the Elgin Marbles is in the British Museum? David Pinnegar, BSc, ARCS, curator of the copy of the Parthenon Frieze at Hammerwood Park disagrees on the basis that appreciation of the complete frieze, rather than fragmented as it is now, adds a new dimension in the understanding of the Frieze, the Parthenon, the Acropolis, the Panathenaic procession, the ancient myths and their resemblance with all the old world stories common to the origins of all mankind.

Media in London covering the ongoing controversy include the BBC, The Guardian and The Times

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