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The Coastline in Lunigiana, Tuscany. Italy

 Italy The Coastline
Coastal area

An absolute essential day trip is to experience the Cinque Terre, which is only 30 mins drive from the rentals, if you take a boat trip from Lerice to Portovenere.

You need to leave early in the morning to park up in Lerice, and buy your boat ticket to hop along the world famous Cinque Terre.

To experience the vivid colours of the houses which hug the mountainous terrain of these quaint fishing villages.

To sample the local foods and the Cinque Terre wine is essential.

The history and culture of Cinque Terre is quite unique.

The famous poets, Byron and Shelly were regular visitors to the Cinque Terre, from where they drew much of their inspiration. It is not surprising that the terraced and landscaped gardens have produced some of the finest white wines in Italy.

Not a centimetre of the coastline is wasted, except for the maze of pathways carved in to the landscape, to provide a coastal route for walkers and hikers.

Holiday-makers can walk the entire route of the Cinque Terre, but allow at least 4/5 hours, a good pair of walking boots, and take a camera with an even larger memory!

Further along the coast is PORTOFINO, which can be reached by boat from LERICE.

A train ride from LA SPEZIA connects all of the CINQUE TERRE. Visitors can alight at any of the villages, walk a while and return on the train when their boots are worn out!

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The Coastline
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    Lunigiana, Tuscany.
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  • Lunigiana, Tuscany.  Italy The Coastline  The Coastline The Coastline
      Lunigiana, Tuscany.

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