The desert is not all sand and contrasts with the fertile Nile Valley

photo of Egypt desert
It is both sand an time weathered rocks and often shows an almost Martian looking landscape. According to James Lovelock much of the earth could look like this in a nearer future than we expect.
- Photos of temples, tombs and pyramids -

With regard to Global Warming, the Lyrics of Led Zepellin may prove potent:
And your city will fall
And your corn won't grow
Thru the silence from the temple
Hear the truth explode

As all things expand when they heat up, so must the crust of the earth. This means that earthquakes and tsunamis should be expected. Human tragedy can be avoided by human populations not inhabiting sea coasts or land under 80m high (Lovelock predicts an 80m rise in sea level) and by good building design

These photos were taken on the roads from Safaga to Luxor and from El Sokna to Cairo on different occasions in different lights using sometimes a Canon S30 and at others a Fuji Finepix S602 camera often from a vehicle moving at 50mph. Photos Copyright David Pinnegar 2006