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Whilst one looks at Egyptian decoration as stylised two dimensional hieroglyphics, the 3D carving in relief on these statues is comparable to that of the Ancient Greeks of the Parthenon Freize


Depictions of the Egyptian Gods

The Gods are always depicted putting the right foot forward and carrying the "Key of Life" the "Ankh" in one hand. The "Key of Life" was the means of reproduction, the sexual tool of the Gods, and possibly looks like an artificial insemination device. This accords with the Christian story of Genesis of the creation of Eve and the creation myths of the Ancient Greeks and the interpretation of the Parthenon Freize as the debate of the Gods about the creation of Mankind. Perhaps the current generation are not the first to be practicing genetic engineering.

It is interesting to find that aspects of Christianity accord with the Ancient Egyptian religion, in particular concepts of heaven and hell, and the Ankh, this symbol of Egyptian religion, bears an uncanny resemblance in form to the shape of the cross: perhaps this led to the early acceptance of Christianity in Egypt and the development of the Coptic church.

Mortals are depicted with the left leg forward



Image of Queen Hapshepsut erased by her nephew

Queen Hepshepsut had ordered the murder of her nephew's father. So her nephew Thutmoses III had her murdered and every image of her defaced and erased from every temple.


Here in the tombs one finds a correlation between the concepts of Christianity and the Ancient Egyptian concepts of life after death, heaven and hell. Unfortunately the webmaster lost the memory card upon which was the photograph of the scene, but the painting was very graphic. Those in heaven were celebrating, dancing with their hands in the air, whilst those in hell were bound together in chains. Is heaven and hell a state of mind? How many of us are in a heaven but feel bound by chains? Do the Egyptian sugar growers who we might regard as living in an idyllic heaven feel chained by poverty looking upon those who pass by in thousands of tourist coaches as in a heaven whilst actually emanating from a hell identified by the Pope in his 2006 Good Friday meditations?



Pyramids - the most massive biuldings on Earth

If laid out end to end the stones of the Great Pyramid would be enough to build a 6 ft wall going twice around France. The Gizeh pyramids were covered in finely finished limestone, which has mainly been stolen over the millenia. The Chephren (Khafre) pyramid is the only one with some limestone finish remaining. This second pyramid appears less documented and researched than others. Along the main corridor leading to the central chamber, the webmaster's dowsing rods crossed and a distinct crack was visible in the floor of the passage: there may be other internal features which are as yet undiscovered.


Erosion at the lowest level visible above evidence now removed by restoration. Is this wind erosion or water erosion?

Cephren's funerary temple next to the Sphinx

The webmaster gave dowsing rods to a stranger who had never dowsed before in order to test David Pinnegar's theories about the importance of physical mass in buildings of religious significance and their possible connexion with gravitational waves and gravitation. The dowsing rods crossed continuously on the axis of the chamber inside the Chrephren Pyramid, on the axis of the funerary temple, along the lines of the columns (at their edges) and this was repeated at Karnac. Whilst inside the Chephren Pyramid, the effects of the Hartmann Grid observable outside were not observable inside. This suggests that the mass of the Pyramid masked effects observable outside. The webmaster postulates that the dowsing can indicate local gravitational disturbance. With regard to religious buildings implying some sort of communication with the Godly or Heavenly forces, just as we look at television transmitting aerials and might compare them to obelisks, the form of television receiving aerial familiar to us has arrays of parallel elements - just like the repeating masses of the columns of ancient temples.
These photos were taken with both a Fuji Finepix S602 camera and a Canon Powershot S30. Copyright David Pinnegar 2006. High quality copies of photos are available if of interest.